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Dark Howl

We are living in strange times. Being as I am an artistic spirit, this is not only an exceptionally challenging reality but also a very inspiring period.

I'm seeking silver linings like a princess in a fairytale would, when opening a hidden chest with a gold lock which talks. It has a face like the little door in the animated Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. It talks a bit like that too. Very annoyed and uncooperative. But the princess has a key she found under her grandmother's candy dish and she forces it into the keyhole and turns it until the metal clicks into place and then forgives her intrusive nature immediately. But there isn't anything inside the chest. So the girl takes her delicate, long, smooth fingers and feels along inside of its lining and sure enough, it feels slick and cold. She shines a lamp into the space and the silver glows like moonlight over still water. She found the silver lining. That's what I'm looking for too!
While I haven't any …
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Wings & Tales: Meet the Maker

This project, Wings & Tales, is a dream of mine. 

The dream began as a nightmare, when a dark cloud over the mountains slowly leaked a sickness out over the land and people chose to huddle in isolation, hoping it would all be over soon. The pandemic interrupted my carefully built life as a medicine woman with a private practice of ten years. However, because I allowed myself to process the grief of closing my vocation, mourn the loss of some freedoms and surrender my stability acheived through a long-time dedication to that livelihood, I also began to see the potential in this opportunity. As the beast in me began to thrive in reclusion, fur emerging from beneath my skin and I found my voice dropping low like a growl, I felt my soul re-wilding. I realised that I needed to tap into the teachings I learned as a Yoga teacher and practiced on my adventures around the World. I began to understand it was my attachment to the story I was losing about who I am, which was determined by what…